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Founded in 1969, AGM is a diverse and vibrant membership association of highly engaged philanthropic organizations and individuals with interests in Massachusetts and surrounding areas.  We connect new and established donors, their trustees and staff to each other, to their communities and to emerging and relevant issues in the field.  A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, AGM delivers excellent opportunities in learning, networking, access to resources and tools, skill-building, and community-building and serves as a bridge between funders and fund applicants for better understanding, efficiency and impact.  As a leading and influential voice and advocate for effective philanthropy, AGM provides access to knowledge and cooperative action that enables our members to create extraordinary value for each other, their grantees and to collectively shape the future of a healthy and vital region. 

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AGM makes available a copy of our most recent audited financial statements here. In addition, financial information on previous years may be found at Guidestar or is available upon request.
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