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AGM members must have grantmaking as their primary focus of activity. Such grantmaking activity must be regular, systematic, accessible to the public, and open to a reasonable range of nonprofit organizations. Associate membership is open to philanthropic advisory services and professional advisors that actively work with and on behalf of donors and foundations. AGM members agree to uphold AGM’s mission.

The following are eligible for membership in AGM:

  • bank charitable trust departments
  • community foundations
  • corporate foundations
  • corporate giving programs
  • individual donors with organized giving programs
  • operating foundations
  • philanthropic advisory services/professional advisors
  • private independent foundations
  • public charitable trust departments
  • public foundations: defined as tax-exempt, not-for-profit, publicly supported, charitable institutions
  • quasi-governmental funding trusts

In order for grant makers to gain the most value from participation in AGM, it is essential that AGM members relate to their colleagues with both openness and confidentiality as they gather for AGM programs, like those related to the discussion of issues impacting their work, professional development sessions, and networking. Members should not use AGM as a means to advance organizational fundraising or related business concerns, and AGM staff will not advocate with members for fundraising purposes, other than those directly related to AGM.