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A New Vision For Comprehensive Capacity Building (A GEO special feature)

March 30th, 2017
10:00AM to 3:00PM
Barr Foundation, 2 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110
Consultant, Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor
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Do the nonprofits you support have what they need to thrive and produce results? The nonprofit sector has consistently struggled with retaining strong staff, fundraising effectively and achieving long-term sustainability. Now, more than ever, funders need to ensure that nonprofits are strong enough to provide sustainable support to our most vulnerable communities.

We know that grantmakers can bolster nonprofit effectiveness and results by supporting capacity-building initiatives, thus ensuring their grantees have what they need to deliver on their missions over the long haul. As part of GEO and AGM’s partnership, we’re happy to offer this dynamic and comprehensive workshop, which tackles the essential questions that drive the design of effective capacity building support. Developed with information and insights gathered over many years of working with grantmakers on this topic, A New Vision for Comprehensive Capacity Building takes participants on a deep dive into understanding what matters most when it comes to building a successful capacity building program.

In this session presented by GEO's Emily Wexler, we'll tackle the essential issues that drive the design of effective capacity building support. Some of the things we’ll experience together include:

  • the benefits of contextual, continuous, and collective capacity support;
  • examples of capacity building work underway in your region;
  • peer sharing about successes and challenges; and
  • how to learn from and continually improve capacity building support.

Supporting capacity building is one of the most important things grantmakers can do to accelerate and broaden our impact on grantees and communities. Join us for this a highly interactive half-day workshop to learn what it truly it takes build a capacity building program that supports nonprofit success.

This workshop is for AGM members and GEO members exclusively. GEO members, if you are not an AGM member, please email jkitchen@agmconnect.org to register for this program. 
If you are not a GEO or AGM member and are interested in attending this workshop, please email jkitchen@agmconnect.org. If space is available, we will be happy to try to accommodate your request.

Pre-workshop - Nonprofit Capacity Building Overview
9:00am - 10:00am

For those interested in learning more about the basics of capacity building prior to diving in during our all-day workshop, we are pleased to offer an introductory session presented by Emily Wexler, Senior Manager at GEO. To sign up or learn more, please contact Jannie Kitchen at jkitchen@agmconnect.org


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