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President Alnoba

The Lewis Family Foundation - North
Job Title: President Alnoba
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Executive Director
New Hampshire
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January 31st, 2018
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Alnoba is pleased to announce an opening for President.  The President is responsible for actively overseeing the administration and programs of Alnoba, as well as its strategic and entrepreneurial direction.  Alnoba is a 400-acre refuge of forest, fields, ponds, trails, and exceptional outdoor art that provides opportunities for people to reflect, connect, and create change at home and abroad—all while fostering a respect and gratitude for the planet. The position is 70% program development and operations, 30% strategy. The President oversees the hiring, developing, directing, and evaluating of all staff, and is responsible for delivering the impact of Alnoba, ensuring quality and effective programs. The President is also responsible for the financial management of Alnoba.

Alnoba is part of the Lewis Family Foundation, the umbrella organization for all of the Lewis Family’s charitable initiatives.  It is a results-driven entrepreneurial foundation that works on a global scale with an underlying vision to help change people’s lives and to build strong communities and cultures.   Alnoba offices are onsite, in Kensington, New Hampshire. The President reports directly to Alan Lewis, chair of the Lewis Family Foundation.


The ideal managerial characteristics and background of a successful candidate are:

  • Known as an inspirational, motivational leader who demonstrates passion for an organization’s mission.  Able to harness group to solve tough problems.
  • Demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit for developing experiences and programs in support of the organization’s mission.
  • Successful in managing both social and financial bottom lines.
  • Advocates for identifying and finding solutions to environmental issues and promotes the importance of sustainable technologies and communities.
  • Demonstrates willingness to go the distance and fight the environmental battles where needed.
  • Has felt the weight of leadership in dealing with organizational and /or people issues when making decisions needed to create positive changes.
  • Has developed financial strategies and tactics to move an organization’s negative financial position to a long-term positive one.
  • Has the strong oral and written communication skills that help establish and maintain relationships with various organizations, and has utilized those relationships to strategically enhance the organization’s mission.
  • Has guided an organization through setting and achieving measurable goals.
  • Experienced in working with private multi-generational family foundations.
  • Exemplifies open and courageous communication, risk taking and teamwork.
  • Roots in New Hampshire/New England strongly preferred.


Alnoba greatly expanded it's facilities and programming to the public in January 2017. Many areas are still in the early stages of development including program designs, establishment of operating policies and procedures, community outreach and reaching financial sustainability.

The President will benefit from a strong operations and site management team with many long-term associates.  However, she/he will need to develop stronger financial acumen and social mission alignment/awareness throughout the organization.  

The challenge is to take what is now in development and lead it to be a viable organization both programmatically and financially. Alnoba is not an organization in transition, but should be considered an organization in high growth potential.  This provides huge opportunities for the right leader to build the organization into a much sought after, leading edge destination for leadership development, wellness education, conservation and the arts.

The new President will be expected to accomplish three goals within the first year of assuming the position:

  • Manage the organization towards profitability in 2018 reaching at a minimum financial break-even on supportive mission programs.
  • Drive the achievement of Alnoba’s core mission goals, with particular focus on Conservation and Leadership Development.
  • Submit a 3-Year Sustainability Plan to the Lewis Family Foundation.


Send a letter of intent detailing your interest in the position along with a complete resume outlining your professional career, and three references with contact information: George Armstrong, Chair Search Committee, gparms@gmail.com or mail to 2448 Perilla Road, Cosby, TN 37722



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