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Charlottesville Lessons: Listen to Those We Serve and Learn From Our Blind Spots

When events as horrific as what happened in Charlottesville erupt, many of us in philanthropy are struck with sadness, outrage, disgust, depression, shock, and terror.

While we take in all the information we can — especially the insights of trustworthy analysts and commentators — we ourselves start doing the usual punditry. We issue calls for action. We offer to provide more money and new programs to educate Americans and ourselves about hate groups, racism, and diversity. We make pledges to operate in new ways.

Tax code change could boost charitable giving and cut middle-class taxes

FOX Business has learned members of Congress are seriously considering a change to the tax code known as universal charitable deductions.  It could help fulfill one of President Donald Trump's promises to offer the middle class tax relief. The idea has also been discussed with senior administration officials. Sean Parnell, Vice President for Public Policy at The Philanthropy Roundtable, says the proposed change could "...provide an additional incentive for people to give a bit more."


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