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Discounts & Other Benefits

AGM Members also receive discounts and access to these services, thanks to AGM’s membership with United Philanthropy Forum (formerly The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers). For more information on any of these benefits, contact AGM, 617-426-2606 x115.

  • Bromelkamp Company - 5% discount available for Pearl and Akoya.net Software for grantmakers
  • ClickTime - discount on its time and expense tracking services
  • D&O Insurance - The Forum-endorsed D&O program is available to all grantmaking foundations
  • The Foundation Review- 10% subscription discount
  • Guest Membership Program- RA "guest membership" program mutually extends member rates on programs to board members of grantmaking institutions that are members of one regional association but who live in an area served by a different regional association. Contact Ramani Sripada at AGM for more details.
  • Quovo- A 20% discount is available for a web dashboard that aggregates investment accounts
  • ReadyTalk- Low cost audio and web conferencing
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review- Subscription discount for members; free for AGM Circle of Champion Members

Through Bromelkamp Company, we offer our members 5% discounts on Akoya.net and Pearl grants management software for private/family, public/community or corporate foundations. These fully-integrated solutions allow you to manage contacts tracking/CRM, grants and scholarships, as well as fundraising and fund accounting (optional) in a single system. Designed in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Dynamics, Bromelkamp Company products are user-modifiable and customized to meet your foundation’s needs. For more information about Bromelkamp Company LLC and its software call 1-888-290-9087 or email info@bromelkamp.com

The Forum has partnered with ClickTime, a leader in nonprofit timesheets, to offer a 66% discount on its time and expense tracking services to regional associations and your members. Thousands of grantmakers and other nonprofits use ClickTime to increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and better manage programs and grants.   

The Forum staff have begun using it and it's been tremendously helpful. The package includes:

  • Timesheets
  • 60+ Pre-Built Reports
  • Mobile App 
  • Complex Billing Rates
  • Timesheet Approvals
  • Time Off
  • Expenses

You can give ClickTime for Grantmakers a try for free with a 30-day trial or reach out to Will Miller at ClickTime if you have any questions. 




Directors & Officers liability insurance provides financial protection for a foundation and its directors, officers, employees, and volunteers in the event of a lawsuit.  The Forum endorses the D&O liability insurance program provided through Aon Association Services and underwritten by The Hartford.

The Forum-endorsed D&O program is available to all grantmaking foundations as a service to the field. Coverage is available in all states. Brokers can access the Forum’s D&O program through Aon Association Services.

A discount is available to foundations with current membership in a regional associations of grantmakers.

Learn more at: www.insurefoundations.com and contact Jason Tharpe, program administrator at Aon, at 202-429-8561. To obtain the discount, foundations should let Aon know they are a member of a participating regional association. 


AGM members are eligible for a 20% discount off the new and only peer-reviewed journal of philanthropy
- The Foundation Review - a product of The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Grand Valley State University.  The journal, written by and for foundation staff and boards, provides rigorous research and writing, presented in an accessible style. It will share evaluation results, tools and knowledge about the philanthropic sector in order to improve the practice of grantmaking, yielding greater impact and innovation.
To receive the discount, use FRA14 as your discount code. Contact Robert Shalett with any questions.

Quovo provides endowments, foundations, and advisors with an elegant web dashboard that aggregates their investment accounts – across custodians, portfolios, and managers – and generates a suite of tracking and interactive analysis modules on top of the data. This easily configurable, modular Quovo portal empowers staff, CIOs, boards and advisors to get real-time answers to key portfolio questions that once required considerable paperwork and coordination.

Quovo empowers non-profit stakeholders to:

  • Get an-at-a-glance view of their allocation across asset classes, institutions, and managers. Find out where your money really is.
  • Easily track performance and risk, as well as view “worst-case” and “what if” scenarios.
  • Visually assess how well they, or their managers, are tracking to expectations and investing policy statements .
  • Check in on how they’re doing, and if investments are going off track versus goals or policies - at any time, for any time period, and all online

Quovo is used by foundations who:

  • Are juggling multiple external managers or have assets at multiple institutions/accounts and want to keep tabs on their portfolios 
  • Want to reduce the effort and overhead of coordinating across multiple managers, accounts, and institutions when it comes to examining and reporting on their investment portfolios
  • Are looking to give their advisors an easy access to point to examine and review their whole portfolios (or any part) over time

New Quovo clients who are AGM members receive 20% discounted off the first two years of their Quovo subscription. (For a new Quovo client to qualify for the terms of this Partnership, the client must have first heard of Quovo or initiated contact as a direct result of Forum or AGM communications promoting Quovo, including but not limited to e-mails or online posting on the Forum or AGM website.)

The Forum has teamed up with ReadyTalk to bring you easy-to-use audio and web conferencing at great rates! ReadyTalk brings affordable conferencing services to nonprofit organizations by helping them concentrate on the content of meetings, not the tools.  Our goal is to simplify and increase participation regardless of technical savvy, geographic location, or computer type.  ReadyTalk is dedicated to the nonprofit community and specializes in the unique challenges facing organizations of all sizes and causes.

An Ideal Conferencing Solution for Forum Members

  • Toll-Free, “reservationless” teleconferencing: Calls up to 150 participants can be convened instantly; no need to schedule a time
  • Operator Assisted and Broadcast Audio: Fully supported audio conferences when participation tops 150
  • Easy web conferencing: Show slides, share documents, or host webinars with no required downloads
  • Recording/playback: 1-click recording and the ability to host with ReadyTalk, share recordings via social media channels or embed them on your website for playback  
  • 24/7 Live Support: Live technical support and training

How can you use it?

  • Save time and money by cutting down on travel
  • Convene webinars to generate interest in programs and initiatives
  • Organize board and chapter meetings
  • Recruit new members and volunteers
  • Provide orientation and training
  • Record advocacy appeals to be sent out in newsletters
  • Disseminate information to geographically-dispersed members
  • Additional features include desktop annotation, five polling functions, and more. Streaming video will be added later this year.

How much does it cost?

  • 4 cents/ minute/ participant for teleconferencing.  There are no monthly fees to get this great deal. 
  • 6 cents/ minute/ participant for web conferencing.  The Forum suggests that RAs evaluate unlimited web conferencing options compared to ReadyTalk offers through TechSoup. 
  • $49/ month for unlimited web meetings with up to 2000 participants at a time.  There is no minimum time commitment and you can canel at any time. If you have several webinars a year that may exceed 24 participants, then the Forum recommends this option.  If not, consider signing up for ReadyTalk through TechSoup and for teleconferences through the Forum.

AGM members are eligible for 25% off a subscription to Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR).  The discounted rate is $39.95 for a one year print plus digital subscription for U.S. subscribers who subscribe online with credit card. 

To obtain this discount, visit http://online.icnfull.com/sup/ and enter promo code: 2RAG15 (you will need to replace the WEB14 in promo code box).
AGM Circle of Champion Members are eligible to receive SSIR for free - contact Ramani Sripada for more information.
SSIR also offers a free enewsletter, announcing news and events of interest to nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible businesses. Signing up is very fast and easy—just go to their homepage and enter your email address in the enewsletter box.
SSIR is a quarterly magazine produced by the Center of Social Innovation, Stanford Graduate School of Business. Please visit www.ssireview.org to learn more about this product.

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