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Putting Grantees at the Center of Philanthropy

Research shows that grantmakers that are more connected to their grantees—those that have an ear to the ground—are more likely to provide the support that nonprofits need to be successful; they are five times as likely to offer capacity-building support and two times as likely to offer multiyear support. We also know that tapping the knowledge and perspective of grantees and community members builds trust and helps shape more-effective solutions.

Breakthrough Workshop: Building and Maximizing Your Major Donor Pipeline

Building and Maximizing Your Major Donor Pipeline

Building and managing a major donor pipeline is a deliberate and thoughtful process.  The session focuses on relationship science and rapport building techniques, tactical strategies to rapidly build your major donor pipeline, and tools to measure and manage donor relationships and progress toward giving.  This session will provide useful techniques, tools, and strategies that will help participants rapidly build a major donor program.


Breakthrough Workshop: Advanced Proposal Writing ... (9/27/2016)

Workshop participants will have an in-depth review of the major building blocks of successful grant proposals. Special attention will be paid to case statements, preparing budgets, management plans and evaluation. Pitfalls and best practices will be discussed, as well as what reviewers and funders are looking for. Ample time for challenging questions and hands-on experience will be included in the presentation.

Lisa Perry-Wood, Principal, Clarity Conulting Partners


Introduction to Grants Research & Roundtable - Southeastern MA

Please join AGM for this FREE WORKSHOP on grants research. With over 4,000 funders in Massachusetts and more than 8 times that number of nonprofit organizations looking for funding, there is a competitive landscape for funding dollars. Funders get bombarded with grant proposals and letters of intent from organizations that are not a fit with their charitable giving.

During this introductory workshop, we will demystify the grants research process, share some best practices, and give you some key takeaways to be on your way to success.


Nonprofit Partner Spotlight Form

Form for Associate and Fellow level Partners to participate in the Partner Spolight in Members InfoNet.

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