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Charitable Giving in Bay State Grew by 7.7% in 2014

Charitable giving in Massachusetts in 2014 rose 7.7% over 2013 levels, lagging national giving, which increased 9.3% last year, both down from the year before, a trend that is expected to continue through 2015, according to a newly released report. The Atlas of Giving, a Dallas-based organization that tracks charitable giving, said growth last year was driven by “favorable economic factors that drive giving, an increasing number of nonprofits, the impact of donor advised funds and new and more effective fundraising technologies and techniques.”

Charities fear donations will drop if Boston hosts Olympics

It’s a key selling point of Boston’s Olympic bid: The Games would largely be paid for by private funding, not taxpayer money. But that financing plan is sending ripples of anxiety through the city’s nonprofit sector, which worries the event would soak up philanthropic dollars that might otherwise go to charity. And, in a potential double-whammy, a Boston Olympics could strain local nonprofits by putting more demands on social services, as happened in Atlanta when the Summer Games were held there in 1996.

Bill de Blasio Urges Philanthropy to Tackle Inequality Through Internet Access

Mayor Bill de Blasio spurred foundation leaders Wednesday to invest in projects and technology tools that protect and expand the accessibility of the Internet. "We know that you can fill in some of these gaps more effectively than any government, and you can spark change more agilely than most governments ever could, and we need you to do that," Mr. de Blasio said. Life opportunities increasingly correlate to education levels and, in turn, to access to high-speed Internet, the mayor said. More than a quarter of American households do not have such access.

What's the Big Idea?

What’s the Big Idea?

Particularly during times of transition or planning, it is useful to become acquainted with other local large-scale funder initiatives, whether or not we choose to adopt this style of giving as our own.  No two funders are alike, but knowing what others are doing provides an invaluable lay of the land and helps us realize our own purpose and meaning.          

Report: Gap Between Black and White Male High School Graduation Rates Still Widening

A new report released today by the Schott Foundation for Public Education finds that the latest estimates for national public high school graduation rates are 59 percent for Black males, 65 percent for Latino males, and 80 percent for White, non-Latino males. Since the Schott Foundation’s 2012 report, the gap between Black and White males has increased from 19 percentage points (school year 2009-2010) to an estimated 21 percentage points (2012-2013).

Frigid Temperatures and Poverty Meet Reduced Fuel Assistance Budgets

In the face of the last month’s record-setting low temperatures and high snowfall, community organizations all over the country are struggling to keep up with the pace of calls for emergency energy assistance. “We still have numerous applications that haven’t been processed yet, because they all come in at the same time,” says Mary Knittle, director of energy resources at the Worcester Community Action Council.


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