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Community Foundation Roundtable (10/18/2016)

Please join us for our fall Community Foundation Roundtable!

As always, we will spend the first half of our time having a check in/ update from all community foundation colleagues. The second half of our time with be spent with our special guest Mena Boyadzhiev, Manager, Assessment and Advisory Services from CEP.  Mena will be speaking about CF's and developing relationships with professional advisors.


Financial Statements 1.0

Financial statements and disclosures provide a wealth of information about a nonprofit organization. The statements tell a story, but sometimes you have to do a little digging to unravel the tale. Many analysts focus their attention on the “numbers” parts of the financial statements, but do not spend enough time reading the footnotes. Before you dive into analyzing the numbers it is important to understand the accounting principles used to prepare the financial statements. This workshop will discuss those concepts and how they can shed light on the meaning of the numbers.


Getting to Know Your Local Landscape - An Informational Breakfast

New to your role in your foundation or grant making organization?  Or new to the Greater Boston Area?  Then please join us for an informational and conversational breakfast meeting.

The morning will include an overview and context of our region's philanthropy, Associated Grant Makers' role and how we can be of service in your position, and an opportunity to surface questions and build relationships with fellow grantmakers and funders.


Summer Fund Application

Welcome to the 2017 Summer Fund Application! 

Please be sure to carefully review instructions before beginning application!

Please make sure to click "Save Draft" at the end of each section to ensure that your information is saved. If you fail to do this, you will lose your edits.

Online applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, December 22,2016.

Putting Community at the Center: The Funder’s Role in Fostering Authentic Community Engagement

What are pitfalls and best practices for funders in effectively integrating community voices into community change?How can funders more actively involve grantees and those with lived experience who have historically been left out of decision-making processes? How should funders themselves coordinate their activities and investments, while also engaging the community in collective impact?


Meet-The-Donors: Donor Advised Funds (10/19/2016)

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are growing steadily as a giving vehicle for organizations, families, or individuals. Why are DAFs so popular? What are they exactly? Is there any way to get on the radar of a DAF?

We’ll cover these questions and much more with our great panel of DAF experts!


Our team includes:



Gioia C. Perugini, Associate Director, Family Office and Philanthropy Services

Hemenway & Barnes





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