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Are We Serious This Time?: Media, Politics, and Community

Are We Serious This Time? Media, Politics and Community will be a conversation about current events in our community.  ~ Recent occurrences have thrust our communities, especially our nation’s Black communities, onto the front pages of our newspapers, at the top of the evening and morning news broadcasts, at the center of dinner-table conversations, into the conversations in social gatherings, and into the focus of a national outcry demanding justice and declaring that Black lives matter.


Lunch and Learn: Challenging the Status Quo of Philanthropy with Abraham Lateiner

Join us for an engaging conversation following up on AGM’s Annual Member Meeting (June 2016) discussion regarding motivations and approaches to giving for the young and wealthy. Abraham Lateiner will join us at AGM to continue the conversation he started focusing on his personal approach to philanthropy. Lunch will be provided. 


Grantmakers of Color Briefing

More than ever, philanthropy needs to be on the forefront of the world’s most pressing issues. How do we catalyze change within our internal organizations and into the communities we serve?  Join us for an interactive dialogue on how funders can truly make a difference in supporting marginalized communities by making a case internally, understand how the world’s issues fit into the local context and gain tools to help you continue to make change.   

Program Speakers/ Facilitators:


Millennials Lead Shift in How Donors Think About Giving

American donors are changing their approach to charitable giving and their views on how to solve a wide range of global challenges, Fidelity Charitable reported in a study released Wednesday.

“What we see in this study is a significant shift in the way people think about their giving—with changes that will pick up speed as the giving power of millennials increases in the years ahead,” Pamela Norley, president of Fidelity Charitable, said in a statement.


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