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Full Costs for the Social Sector

What if your employer said you could use your paycheck to cover clothes you wear to work, but not for rent on your apartment? On a lunchbox but not on the pots and pans you use to cook dinner?  Many nonprofits regularly face restrictions like these in their funding. Too often, lines are still drawn between the costs directly attributable to, for example, delivering meals or adding beds in a homeless shelter, versus basic business costs like staff payroll, office rent, and heat – not to mention the need to innovate and adapt to changes in community needs and operating environments.

Women Are Fueling The Growth Of Collective Philanthropy Giving Circles

If you don’t have a lot of money to donate to a cause, you could give a little bit whenever you can afford it, or you might consider pooling that money with others who have similar interests. That way, your group can give a larger sum all at once, which, for cause groups has a much larger effect: Lots of cash up front is good. It lets your organization dream big and finance ambitious ideas.


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