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The Brookline Foundation, Inc.

General organization information
Formerly known as: 
Brookline Foundation
Mission statement: 

The foundation seeks to preserve quality education in the Brookline school area.

P.O. Box 470652
Brookline, MA 02447-0652
Phone number(s): 
(617) 232-3846
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Organization type: 
Grantmaker - Public Foundation
Geographic focus: 
State » Massachusetts
Types of support: 
Fields of interest: 
Education » Elementary and secondary education
Established in 1981 in MA
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Application information
Application information: 
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Grant programs: 
  • Teacher Grants — These grants are awarded to individuals and small groups of teachers or administrators within the Brookline School District on the basis of short written proposals. These grants typically fund professional or personal development activities. They are not intended to provide curricular materials or fund classroom programs that the school department and PTOs support. Generally, teacher grants are limited to no more than $2,500 for an individual or $5,000 for a group.
  • Systemwide Grants — These grants support growth and innovation in the Brookline School District system as a whole. Grants are announced in the fall and may be renewed to provide funding over a three-year period. Smaller leadership grants have traditionally been used to provide continuing education and professional development opportunities to principals, curriculum coordinators, and other administrators. Grants are developed and administered in collaboration with the Brownville Superintendent of Schools and his staff.
  • Collaborative Grants — These grants are designed to promote collaboration across disciplines, across grade levels, and between schools in the Brookline area.
Unsolicited requests accepted: 
Application methods: 

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Mar. 12 for Teacher Grants and Collaborative Grants
Grantmaking activity
For the fiscal year ending: 
June 30th, 2016
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