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May 30th
Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC) was established to ensure that low-income people with critical, non-criminal legal needs would have access to legal information, advice, and representation. Join MLAC for a funder briefing to increase the sector's knowledge and...

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Jun 5th

Join us for this special event to celebrate and honor the impact of our sector!

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Jun 8th
Consultant, Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

Learn more about your grantees by diving into financial statements!

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Jun 16th
Consultant, Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

In Philanthropy

May 23rd, 2017
Hair is an integral part of black cultural expression, but it has little to do with educational development, says John H. Jackson, president and CEO of the Schott Foundation. His response, highlighted in recent media reports, was a sharp dressing-down of a charter school in Malden, Mass., that... More »
May 17th, 2017
Orlando C. Watkins, vice president for programs at the Boston Foundation, provides perspective on racism in Boston and a call to action. More »
May 16th, 2017
After years of fighting the previous administration’s efforts to limit the charitable deduction, many nonprofit sector leaders have shifted to embrace the idea of a universal deduction for all taxpayers as an incentive to boost charitable giving. As Republicans aim to simplify the tax code and... More »
May 9th, 2017
Source: Animal therapy
During the Council on Foundations’ annual conference last month, Sherece West-Scantlebury, president and CEO of Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation in Arkansas, urged participants to view this time in our history as an opportunity to step out of our comfort zones in grantmaking. More »

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