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Feb 22nd
All, Consultant, Grantmaker, Grantseeker, Nonprofit, Philanthropic Advisor

This session is designed to provide you an overview of best practices when it come to investments. A large focus of the presentation will center on properly assessing the risk in any investment strategy and some common sense rules to avoid costly mistakes. Many real-life examples will be used to...

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Mar 14th
Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

This local learning opportunity will focus on youth homelessness in the Greater Boston area.

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In Philanthropy

February 13th, 2018
Source: AGM Blog
The decennial census is a nonpartisan exercise and a cornerstone of our democracy.  Every 10 years, the US Constitution requires that all residents, including non-citizens and undocumented immigrants, be counted through a nationwide census. Collecting accurate Census data is an essential part in... More »
February 8th, 2018
Source: The Nonprofit Quarterly
For the uninitiated, donor-advised funds, or “DAFs,” are funds set up with “charitable sponsors” to allow donors to get a charitable deduction at the point of their funding while charitable grants are made from them over time at the donor’s direction. As most NPQ readers know, DAFs have... More »
January 30th, 2018
Is it the Super Bowl, or the Do-Gooder Bowl? Hyundai is using an expensive 60-second ad spot in Sunday's game to plug an organization dedicated to fighting childhood cancer, the automaker said today, following the decision by Anheuser-Busch InBev to dedicate two big-game berths to its philanthropic... More »
January 25th, 2018
Source: Inside Philanthropy
It’s not often that a nonprofit touts how much it isn't doing to help low-income Americans, but that’s a key pitch of the Family Independence Initiative (FII). And funders are listening. More »

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